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Need to move your car in Florida? We offer Florida auto shipping company quotes and reliable Florida car shipping companies to move cars anywhere around the the world. From complete drive away services to covered auto transport services in Florida, Florida Movers can transport your car.

Don't trust just any Florida car moving company with your valuable ride, let Florida Movers hook you up with the best car movers in Florida at the best prices available. Our nationwide auto transportation directory offers Florida auto mover ready to move cars from Florida to any state.

Auto Transport Tips:

  • Drain your fuel level to less than half a tank. Most companies charge by weight and draining your gas can save you a few dollars.
  • Prep your car for the climate. Make sure you have anti-freeze and coolant in your car.
  • Don't ship your belongings in the car. Items might be stolen or while in transit and are not insured by the carrier.

Drive-away services are the alternative to you driving or shipping your car. Companies advertise for drivers to transport your vehicle to your destination. These drivers are always screened and fingerprinted before they are hired but are not necessarily professionals.

  • You don't have to drive your own car.
  • You can pack some of your belongings in the truck.
  • The cost is reasonably low compared to shipping.
  • You risk the liability of having another individual drive your car.
  • The time of arrival is not guaranteed.
  • Extra mileage adds to the wear on your car and increases the potential for breakdown.

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